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By まみや

Note: This artist has removed their work from pixiv. Some is still viewable under kinatin on danbooru.

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hes a perfect human being

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"I can love you desperately, though your love ain’t guaranteed
Oh, I wish you knew the deal, gotta learn from far away
And I simply needed space, space for me to be
And I think you need it too
Though I know you call me selfish for assuming
I did this for you too, you still got me around your finger
Even though I’m far away
Please believe me when I say

Everything I do, I’m gonna think of you
Don’t know what else to do
You got me, you got me, baby
Everything I make, I only make for you
Baby, be patient for me
And please don’t fall in love with someone new
I promise one day I’ll come back for you

Oh, you say you hate me now, and you burn me with your words
Calling me a fool, saying that I’ve fucked up everything
And you’ll never forgive me, though I’m doing this for you
Baby, can’t you see if there is such a thing
Of loving someone so much that you need
To give them time to let them breathe
But you don’t understand, I wish you understood
Oh, I hope one day you do…

Believe in you, believe in me, we’re meant to be together
I told you, weren’t lyin’, I know you aren’t relying
And now I am supplying you the time and space
To let you grow into the person that I know, that I know you can be
And I can be one too
And I’ll come back to you
And I am ready for you, baby, I am ready for you now
I’m not ready for you now, please don’t hate me…”

if ur sad do not fear friend i am sending puppies to help u


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30 seconds, deep on the West Side, Oahu


30 seconds, deep on the West Side, Oahu


After living in SF for four long years. I went home to Texas to pick the few things I left (like my car) and move it all the way back.  literally drove all the way from TX (my home state) with all my stuff to LA

The only thing i’m liking right now about LA is that their are more job opportunities and the beaches are pretty and warm (unlike in Galveston, unlike in cold San Francisco) 

But I miss being able to walk out on the streets as in SF and catch the bart and muni. I need something like that again…

I’ll give it more time. It’s just the first week.
But maybe back to SF eventually?
Or maybe, just maybe NYC could give me what I need?

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

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BOO! by tnperkins